About Us

Who are we?

Classic Cars in Cuba is a family business, proudly Cuban owned and operated by Cubans, so every single little idea of travel here has been planned and arrange by those who has been living it for more than 20 years now.

We are, above all, Cubans who definitely consider showing the foreign visitor the Cuban reality the way it is and its perspectives in the near future as our main pursuing goal in order to give our travelers the ultimate travel experience along with the firm idea that they have come to the right place for their vacations.

What we offer?

We offer several services such as pick up at the airport, daily excursions, city tours and transfers to the main destinations in Cuba. Our staff offer personalized full time transportation service whether inside Havana or moving all around Cuba.

Ours tours offer accommodation in Private Homestays generally with private bathrooms/en-suites and air-conditioning services. We select these lodgings from our most trustworthy contacts with which we have been working for many years so to guarantee you spend an unforgettable Holiday while with us.

For those looking for a higher accommodation standards we can also offer accommodation packages such as, private apartments and luxurious villas .

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